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Proposal for MPC

Building Applications LLC (BA) Proposes to set up an in-house server for MPC based on the technology that BA uses. BA will also build a web site for Managing People and Change, Inc. (MPC). The overall project will Include the following:

  • Server software that includes operating system (freeBSD), Data Base (MySQL), e-mail manging software (Q-Mail) and Site Management software.
  • Training that allows you to take over site and server management.
  • Transfer of URL (domain) and installation of same to your in-house server.
  • Set up web hosting for your site on your in-house server.
  • A professional looking home page that establishes the style and look of the Site. (1 page with logo and several images)
  • A site that is both simple to navigate and that projects a positive image throughout. It also will give your company complete site management capability.
  • It will include all current content now on-line with needed changes as discussed referencing the story board that MPC prepared.
  • Ability to create and maintain separate private pages or web sites (to be available in the near future) for each client.
  • Slide Show capability

Cost for initial site setup and server installation would be $2200.00 plus $50 and hour for time spent in server configuration and server management training. $150 quarterly for maintenance and support. Initial payment would be $1100 with balance paid at time of training and content/site review. First quarterly payment due first full month when site is approved for public view.

MPC would provide the hardware for the server based on the specifications we will provide.

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